Immigration organizations comparisons

A center for studies on immigration organizations

This website summarizes national and well-known immigration reform organizations in the United States. Organizations are compared as to their positions and agenda. Immigration reform organizations are presented in a standard format to facilitate comparison between organizations. The intent of this listing is to help fellow researchers, the public, and the media learn more about immigration reform organizations.

Organization Supports low or
high immigration 1
American Border Patrol and American Patrol low
American Civil Liberties Union - ACLU high
American Immigration Control Foundation low
Americans for Immigration Control low
America's Voice high
Anti-Defamation League - ADL high
Californians for Population Stabilization - CAPS low
Carrying Capacity Network low
Center for Immigration Studies - CIS low
Center for a New Community high
English First -
FAIR low
Immigration Works high
LULAC - League of United Latin American Citizens high
MALDEF - Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund high
MEChA - Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan high
Migration Policy Institute high
National Council of La Raza high
National Immigration Forum high low
Population-Environment Balance low
Pro English -
The Dustin Inman Society low
The Social Contract low
Service Employees International Union - SEIU high
Southern Poverty Law Center - SPLC high low

What about immigration reform organizations with no position on immigration numbers? There seem to be very few of them.